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 My Progress As An Admin!

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PostSubject: My Progress As An Admin!   Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:25 pm

Hello Morsy And Mw3! Since Morsy Is Unable To Come Online I'm Going To Update What I Have Done So Far!
I have been working really hard getting the perms set up! Everyone Is telling me what Is missing and I'm getting done right at their request!
I saw that the names are a little....bland. So I added some prefix's to the ranks.
]Starter] ]Member] ]Veteran] ]Moderator] ]Admin] ]Owner]
If you don't like I understand and they can be removed! If you like, let me know If I missed any ranks!
And I have been on the lookout for any grief, and none to my eye.
And I have been adding just A little bit on to the spawn; to give It more of a POP!
And people have been asking for a /Warp Wild. Is It okay If I make one?
I have also enabled It so players keep their Inventory on death for now, not liked? Just let me know and I will remove that.
Please Respond! ~DriX
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PostSubject: Re: My Progress As An Admin!   Fri Jan 17, 2014 8:59 pm

Thanks a lot! Please change the keepinventory, and put no warps. Make sure mods have no /ban & unban (also unbanip, etc). thx
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My Progress As An Admin!
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